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Exotic Car Rental in Austin Texas

exotic car rental in austin tx

What are the options for renting an exotic car or sports car in Austin Texas? We're talking Lamborghinis and Ferraris! And maybe some Porsches and Corvettes too.

Houston and Dallas crush it with exotic car rental choices. But Austin has all the key ingredients to support exotic car rental businesses. Austin is the home of the Circuit of the Americas, a world-class race track designed specifically for Formula One racing. There are also two private race tracks that cater to owners of performance and exotic super cars. It is the capital of Texas, and a popular tourist destination. The weather in Austin is mild to hot year round so outdoor activity is very popular. Furthermore, Austin is situated at the gateway of the beautiful Texas hill country with miles and miles of scenic roads and towns to explore.

With all that Austin has going for it, you might assume that there are abundant choices of exotic car rentals in Austin. But it seems the exotic car rental companies in Austin come and go with the wind. One company I talked to that used to have a Lamborghini in its rental fleet said there was just not enough demand for renting a Lamborghini in Austin.

After years of occasionally looking into the subject I decided to go ahead and do some detailed research, especially since Circuit of the Americas has made Austin more of an international tourist destination.

STATUS: 2016 This article is currently in research.

What are your "pain points" about exotic car rental companies or the rental process in general? If you have any input on the exotic rental car process feel free to contact us via email at motoraustin @

Our current selection of businesses is listed below.

The process and criteria used to select these businesses was 1) use the keywords "exotic car rental austin" to locate businesses. 2) Only select a business if the home page explicitly listed Austin as a service area.

Auto Exotic Car Rental

"Auto Exotic Rental has the largest inventory of luxury and exotic cars & SUV's in Houston. Our exotic car rental services are available to the Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin Areas. We cater to automotive enthusiasts, entertainers, athletes, traveling executives, vacationers, and those looking to celebrate a special event. We help accelerate our client's enjoyment by offering the latest models of the world's most sophisticated exotic automobiles on the road today."

1717 St. James Place #660
Houston TX 77056
Auto Exotic Rental

W Exotic Car Rentals

"W luxury car rentals is Texas' first and most prestigious luxury car rental company. We provide our clients with the latest models of the most distinguished sport, SUV, and luxury vehicles, along with first class service that will exceed your expectations."

2500 West Loop S
Houston, TX 77027
W Exotic Car Rentals

Uptown Exotic Car Rental

"We carry a wide selection of the most exotic driving machines around the world. Experience the power of the lengendary Lamborghini or enjoy a night in the luxurious Bentley. Which ever is your choice, we have the vehicles to satisfy your dreams. They are available for special events, night on the town, or simply just for a test drive."

"We serve the four big cities in Texas: Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Contact us anytime 24/7 for pickup or delivery to most hotels and airports."

Uptown Exotic Car Rental ™
2401 Fountain View Drive, Suite 225
Houston, TX 77057
Please call us at (713) 784-8400 or by email at


"The Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise has a rental branch in Austin, making it easy for you to travel in style!"

Enterprise Exotic Cars