National Car Movies Day

Waco, Texas

Date: (Fri) Oct 02, 2020

From the creator of MOTOR Texas and

Greetings! I created this virtual event "National Car Movies Day" in order to celebrate Car Movies and also increase awareness one of my other website,

How to Celebrate?


Decide which Car Movie you want to watch, or even pick two for a double feature!

If you need some ideas, visit :-)

Use the hash tag #nationalcarmoviesday to declare the day and what you plan to watch! Have fun with it!

What Is is very simple; It's a list of car movies, in one place, on the Internet.

Why Did I Create

I created back in October 2, 2015, because there wasn't one place to get a comprehensive list of car movies. And now there is.

Why is the Virtual Event City Waco Texas?

Because that is where my HQ is, and I'll be watching a car movie, in Waco Texas, on October 2.


If you're a fan of car movies, please visit the site, and share it with other car enthusiasts.

In addition to car events, car clubs, meetups, racing, cruising, and busting your knuckles in the garage, watching and talking about Car Movies is another way of celebrating, promoting and communicating our car enthusiast culture.

And of course, was proudly made in Texas!

National Car Movies Day is a trademark of

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