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1967 Chevrolet Chevelle

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1967 Chevrolet Chevelle
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Introduced in 1964 the Chevelle was designed to compete with the Ford Fairlane. In 65 the Z16 option was available which included the convertible boxed frame, a narrowed rear axle and brake assemblies from the contemporary Impala, heavy-duty suspension, plus virtually all Chevelle comfort and convenience options. The Z16 standard big-block 396 (375hp) Turbo-Jet V8 came only with the Muncie wide-ratio four-speed manual transmission.

In any case, extremely low production and ferocious performance for Z16-equipped Chevelles means that this is one of the rarest, most coveted Chevrolets ever produced. 1966 saw a complete restyle of the Chevelle on the previous frame that included smooth contours, a broad new grille and bumper treatment, and curved side windows. Bulging rear fender lines and a "flying buttress" roofline were highlights of the '66 hardtops, shared with other GM "A" body models. The 396 engine became standard for the SS option this year model with 325hp, 350hp or 375hp.

The 1967 models got some styling tweaks that resulted in a longer, more straightforward appearance. Large taillamps went into a new rear end with standard backup lights. Otherwise, visible change was modest.

The 1968 Chevelle got an all-new distinctly sculpted body with tapered front fenders and a rounded beltline. The car adopted a long-hood/short-deck profile with a high rear-quarter "kick-up". While all 1967 Chevelle models rode a 115-inch wheelbase, the 1968 coupes and convertibles now rode a sporty 112-inch wheelbase.
Super Sports rode F70x14 red-stripe tires and carried a standard 325-horsepower 396-cubic-inch Turbo-Jet V-8 engine below the special twin-domed hood. 350 and 375-horsepower 396 engines could be substituted.

1969 Chevelles were billed as "America's most popular mid-size car."

In 1970, sheetmetal revisions gave the bodies a more squared-up stance, and interiors were redesigned, too. This model has become an icon of what a muscle car should be especially when equipped with the legendary LS6 454 with 450hp ready to shred tires, asphalt and Mustangs.