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Cars! Phase I

By: motoraustin 1/25/2011 8:00:00 AM

After months of design and coding, MOTOR Austin released Phase I of Cars! last week!

Cars! is not just a collection of random photos. It is a celebration of American automobile heritage and local auto enthusiasts!

Below is an excerpt from the About Cars! page:

"The purpose of MOTOR Austin Cars! is to be a database of American muscle cars, hot rods, trucks and sports cars. There will be ONE and only one vehicle for each make, model, style and year. In addition to that lofty goal, the vehicles will be owned by folks in the central Texas area!"

Check out what has been added so far and watch it grow over the months! Also, request an account on MOTOR Austin and add your favorite car, like sstover did with his Chevelle!

All the Best!


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