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August "Hands" Hartkopf Austin Racing Legend

By: motoraustin 1/6/2010 8:00:00 AM

August Hartkopf Photo

August "Hands" Hartkopf, born on December 24, 1931, was an Austin drag racer and owner of the original Austin Speed Shop in the 1960s located on Barton Springs Road. Butch Lake is another name you will hear. Butch Lake and August Hartkopf were step brothers and both were actively involved in racing and building performance engines. August Hartkopf passed away April 15, 1967. On his gravestone is engraved N.H.R.A. National Champion E Gas 1961.

Photo Copyright James Wilder, MOTOR Austin. Do not use without permission.

August Hartkopf checking out Willis Ragsdale's B/Roadster "Raunchy" at Pasadena, Texas.

Lewis Boggus Ford C/MP vs August Hartkopf E/Gas Chevy in a match race. Boggus won this time.

The bottom three photos were provided courtesy of Lawrence Parkan.

What ever happened to August Hartkopf's 1956 Chevy? According to a few locals (Bill White), it was somehow destroyed while in tow. However, Hands Hauler, a 1955 Chevy wagon, is still alive and well (see link below).


Hands Hauler - Hands Hauler still lives! Check out the recent photos in Cars!. - Photos of August Hartkopf. - The Lawrence Parkan collection.

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