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Austin Getaway Leads to Night in Jail

By: motoraustin 3/1/2019 4:18:52 PM

Austin getaway to Clifton Texas

Hey Austin, traffic got you down? Looking for some solitude? Here's a little Austin getaway that might reform your soul!

Let's Go to Jail!

Road trips that end up with a night in jail are usually not a good thing, unless your stay is at The Cell Block - one of the most unique places to stay in Texas.

This fun little Austin getaway will take you to Clifton, Texas.

Clifton, Texas is about 30 miles northwest of Waco, about 99 miles southwest of Dallas, and about 120 miles north of Austin.

About The Cell Block

The Cell Block is a boutique inn located on Clifton, Texas. And yes, it was a real jail. It functioned as the city jail for several decades (until the 1970s they say).

The old Clifton jail was purchased by a local entrepreneur and converted to The Cell Block in May 2014. Isn't this story just a little poetic? A place designed for punishment, in order to produce reform, has itself gone through a metamorphosis. Mind-blowing.

The owner of The Cell Block did a wonderful job designing the whole vibe. It certainly got my attention when I discovered it.

The Rest of the Story

Read the full story The Cell Block Getaway on MOTOR Texas, including photos and a list of other attractions in Clifton, Texas.

The Cell Block Getaway


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