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Torque Affair - An Automotive Blog You Must Read

By: motoraustin 11/29/2016 8:00:00 AM

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There are plenty of food blogs, mommy blogs and "Things to do in Austin" blogs, but are there any Austin car blogs?

Yes! Torque Affair.

You should bookmark it and read it on a regular basis!

What is it? And, why should you care?

What is Torque Affair?

Torque Affair is a blog that chronicles one quy's quest to entertain you, the auto enthusiast, by writing about his automotive adventures.

Torque Affair is the brainchild of Ayan Basu, an Austinite and genuine car fanatic.

Ayan has been blogging since August 2013. He writes with a wicked sense of humor that magnifies the mundane (a la Seinfeld) and keeps you engaged in the story.

But wait, that's not all!

Ride Sharing, Nose Picking, and Cars Cars Cars!

Ayan writes about about a wide variety of automotive subjects from ride sharing apps to simply observing the things people do while driving.

But he mostly writes about cars.

When Ayan wants to write about a car he just calls the manufacturer and they ship it to the track of his choice. As Ayan would say, "Not really."

So, *how* does Ayan find cars to write about?

  • He's not rich.
  • He's not a full-time automotive journalist.
  • He's not a member of the Texas Auto Writers Association.
  • He doesn't have access to fleet vehicles that car manufacturers loan to auto writers.
  • His dad doesn't own a car dealership.
  • He doesn't build custom cars.

Actually, how he finds cars is one of the interesting aspects of Torque Affair!

  • He hangs out at classic car dealerships and gains the trust of (wears down) the owner.
  • He scours the Internet for interesting cars.
  • He buys cars, drives them for a few months and then tries to sell them before they break down.
  • He also rents cars on sites like
  • He recently reviewed his dad's Jaguar.

Basically, if you make eye contact with Ayan he will write about your car.

Ayan proves that if you're creative and you work at it, you can find cars to write about.

Make Blogging Great Again

Social media has absorbed most of the blog matter and compressed it into bite size chunks inserted into a stream of other chunks for efficient mass consumption.

In other words, very few people blog nowadays. Most people simply use social media to post a car photo and write a few words whenever they feel like it or simply share other people's photos.

Social media platforms have conditioned us to post photos and write brief captions (Motor Monday! Frontend Friday!).

Ayan isn't a social media star. He writes. He consistently grinds out 5000+ word articles seasoned with his unique sense of humor.

Writing is hard work and time consuming. You have to really have a passion and a direction to sit down for hours (and hours) to produce a story that people other than your mom want to read.

Ayan shares a little bit of the self inflicted torture of blogging for two years, saying:

"I have toiled on my site for a little over two years now with almost no one reading it... The effort to reward ratio is almost zero."

This is a joke, of course (but, also very true if you don't have a long term plan).

If you're an aspiring automotive writer, I highly recommend you read his post: "Five Lessons About Blogging."

Getting Traction

If you want people to read your stuff, you have to do more than write, you need to market your content.

Social media is a good way to promote your articles, but getting the attention of influencers is even better.

Ayan has spent a lot of time trying to get the attention of Jalopnik, but for months his efforts resulted in zero feedback.

However, Ayan's patience and hard work has started to pay off.

He finally got the attention of someone behind the walls at Jalopnik. They liked his work and have published several of his articles.

Getting published on a major automotive blog is a good sign that you are a talented writer.

But is Jalopnik the goal? Nope. What? Yep.

Top Gear, The Grand Tour... Torque Affair?

Torque Affair TV?

Ayan isn't shooting for a writing gig at Jalopnik, or a job as an automotive journalist.

Nope. His target is his own TV show, similar to Top Gear.

I have spoken with Ayan several times, and totally believe his vision will happen.

He has a long term view. He knows he will have to put in five, ten, even fifteen years of work to get there.

He also knows the automotive world (and the media) will change drastically during that time.

In the meantime...

Go Torque Affair!

Ayan makes any automotive subject interesting, entertaining, and possibly, educational.

He's an Austinite, a UT graduate, an automotive fanatic, and he writes about his automotive adventures on Torque Affair.

I highly encourage you to check out his work and encourage his efforts.


Well, it looks like the torque "affair" ended.


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