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MOTOR Texas Car Shows and More

By: motoraustin 11/4/2011 7:02:24 PM


MOTOR Texas (beta) went live on November 1, 2011. Phase 1 is a basic listing of car shows in Texas. We are still tweaking it and slowly adding car shows. We wanted to get it out there so Google could sniff it and be friends.

Phase 2 is a secret, and might take a long time. Hey, give me a break, OK? It's just me and Coke Zero slingin' code in the back office.

You probably will notice a slight resemblance to MOTOR Austin. We call that 'leverage' or 'branding' or 'a heck of a lot easier'.

MOTOR Austin will utilize the statewide car show list for displaying Austin area car shows. Right on! Yeah, I think that's cool.

Have a favorite car show to add? Let us know! Drop us a line. Send us an email. (Pssst. click the about page for contact info)

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