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Death Proof Part 2 - The Cars and Stuff

By: motoraustin 10/7/2010 8:00:00 AM

There are some interesting sites and information on Death Proof cars, trivia, and even the duck hood ornament. Here are some resources to explore.

Death Proof Trailer


As mentioned, the movie Death Proof is filled with references to 1970s movies and actors. Check out this site to get all the details before watching the movie!


Death Proof Duck Lives

Death Proof Nova Stuntman Mike's car had this interesting duck as a hood ornament on both of his cars. The "angry duck" hood ornament was similar to the hood ornament of Kris Kristofferson's truck in the movie Convoy. See the link below for more info. Here is an excerpt from the website below: "We made this hood ornament in the early 1970’s for old school hot rods. After being seen, by a prop department on Van Nuys blvd, in the early 1970’s, a few were purchased for Sam Peckinpah’s movie Convoy. In 2004 I found the mold on a dusty old shelf in our storage room. After some cleaning and adding some detail back, I decided to re-release it. After an overwhelming response to the return of the Duck, I was contacted by Quentin Tarantino’s prop dept., requesting the use of the Duck to be featured as hood ornament in the upcoming movie Death Proof now you can have an exact copy of that Convoy / Death Proof Duck Hood Ornament."


Death Proof Nova Page

According to the About page on the website, "The 'Death Proof' car was created by the talented team at Trouble Maker studios in Austin Texas. Seven cars were created for this film, six 'stunt' cars and one 'insert' car. The insert car was used on screen for all close up shots and during the climactic dialogus scenes between Kurt russell and rose Mcgowan"

The website goes on to say "Only two cars survived filming - one stunt car and the insert car you see featured on this website. The stunt car nicknamed 'Jesus' went to legendary stunt driver Buddy Joe Hooker."


Death Proof Charger and Challenger Sightings

Death Proof Challenger Death Proof Charger

According to a thread on the forum (link below), the Challenger was spotted for sale for 20k at a car show in 2007. The Charger was purchased in 2009 by a guy in Sweden! He goes by "Stuntman Mike" on the forum. He posted that it is "marked #1 Stunt, and I have the original 'bill of sale' from Back to Back films Inc."


If you have any tips or photos of the filming of Death Proof in Austin please send us an email! We'd love to add the photos!


The on location Charger pic from is from

You can find the ultimate list of car movies at

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