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By: motoraustin 4/21/2011 9:35:09 AM

muscle car classics

The "Classics" series of books by the auto editors of Consumer Guide(R) offer some great books covering the history of the American auto brands as well as categories such as Muscle Car Classics. These books have high quality pictures and brief but well written historical information. The Classic series books are more along the line of coffee table books rather than exhaustive historical references.

The classic series books are great, low cost gifts. They are great for introducing you to the rich heritage of American automobile history and design. I personally have three of these books and would like to eventually collect them all!

You can sometimes find these books in your local book store for bargain prices! I got my copies for around $7 a piece! You can also find them new and used on Amazon of course.

muscle car classics muscle car classics muscle car classics muscle car classics

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