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MOTOR Texas Car Shows and More

By: motoraustin 11/4/2011 7:02:24 PM


MOTOR Texas (beta) went live on November 1, 2011. Phase 1 is a basic listing of car shows in Texas. We are still tweaking it and slowly adding car shows. We wanted to get it out there so Google could sniff it and be friends.

Phase 2 is a secret, and might take a long time. Hey, give me a break, OK? It's just me and Coke Zero slingin' code in the back office.

You probably will notice a slight resemblance to MOTOR Austin. We call that 'leverage' or 'branding' or 'a heck of a lot easier'.

MOTOR Austin will utilize the statewide car show list for displaying Austin area car shows. Right on! Yeah, I think that's cool.

Have a favorite car show to add? Let us know! Drop us a line. Send us an email. (Pssst. click the about page for contact info)

Visit MOTOR Texas at:

MOTOR Austin 6.1 Released

By: motoraustin 3/6/2011 7:15:21 PM

We rolled out MOTOR Austin 6.1 on March 4th. Below is the list of enhancements in this release.

Phase II of Cars!

  • Added view count on Auto info and list pages.
  • Ability to add comments on a specific car.
  • Added Alt and title tags in photos (for search engines).
  • Added username to photo on slide view.
  • Moved next/prev to tab strip on slide view.
  • Added "Please read Guidelines" to add image and add car.

Member Profiles

  • Added tabs to view aspects of profile.
  • Included more data such as join date, last seen date and email.
  • Redesigned profile header to accommodate larger image.

Do you have feedback or feature suggestions? If so, post them here.

Cars! Phase I

By: motoraustin 1/25/2011 8:00:00 AM

After months of design and coding, MOTOR Austin released Phase I of Cars! last week!

Cars! is not just a collection of random photos. It is a celebration of American automobile heritage and local auto enthusiasts!

Below is an excerpt from the About Cars! page:

"The purpose of MOTOR Austin Cars! is to be a database of American muscle cars, hot rods, trucks and sports cars. There will be ONE and only one vehicle for each make, model, style and year. In addition to that lofty goal, the vehicles will be owned by folks in the central Texas area!"

Check out what has been added so far and watch it grow over the months! Also, request an account on MOTOR Austin and add your favorite car, like sstover did with his Chevelle!

All the Best!

Happy New Year from MOTOR Austin!

By: motoraustin 12/31/2010 4:17:02 PM

May you have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! Thanks for supporting MOTOR Austin with your Likes, comments and information tips.

On the surface, there might not seem to be much activity on MOTOR Austin lately. That's because we have been working hard on a new application called Cars! Phase I features are currently being tested and will be quietly rolled out in about a week. Then a few friends will bang on it a bit to shake any bugs out!

All the Best!
MOTOR Austin - Five years and still rollin!

BuZz Version 2.0

By: motoraustin 9/3/2010 8:00:00 AM

MOTOR Austin BuZz Logo

There are plenty of software options for running a website, but right or wrong, MOTOR Austin is built from scratch.

The design and code behind MOTOR Austin itself is a work of creativity and passion, along with frustration and sacrifice.
The MOTOR Austin design and applications might not look like much to some, but every square inch has been thought about, designed, coded, and redesigned. It is an ongoing process.

So what's the point? BuZz version 2 went live this morning around 6:00 AM. Yay!

Backup. BuZz 1 was pretty cool, at least I liked it. Easy to read short updates and links of interest. However, there was no way to provide feedback if a particular BuZz was interesting to someone. So we fixed that.

BuZz 2 allows any member with an account to post and/or comment on a post. Each post can also have a one or more tags, which allow you to see all BuZz posts of a similar nature such as "all BuZz about car shows" or "all BuZz that contain video". But that's not all, your BuZz posts will show up on your profile! And, you can also view BuZz posts by a specific member by clicking the link on the member's profile! I think that's cool.

We have a lot more up our sleeve, pages of hand scratched ideas on evolving MOTOR Austin's social features, and member created content. Stuff you can't get out of a box of software. Stay tuned, more will be revealed.

One more thing, the "create account" has been disabled due to frequent software updates. However, if you would like to have an account just email us and we will get you set up.

All the Best!